👥 Can we purchase subscriptions for everyone in the team/club/federation?


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Yes, from a minimum quantity of 20 annual subscriptions, you can also purchase them in bulk as a team, club or association, and then distribute them to your athletes directly.

🧢 Access for coaches and staff is free of charge.

The base price for an annual subscription is 96.00 ($ / EUR / CHF)

From 20 subscriptions with 10% discount (starting from 1728.00)

From 50 with 15% discount

From 100 with 20% discount

From 250 with 25% discount

From 500 with 35% discount

Under 20 subscriptions please purchase individually as athlete directly via App/Play Store.

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If this budget is not available in the club or association and cannot be created, we recommend to forward this cost to the individual or the parents. In the end, it is them who have chosen the sporting path, who finance the majority of it, and who also feel the sporting and health effects of it. There are good reasons why, even when money is tight, you should not save on these 8.00 per month - and if there really are no funds available on an individual basis, Athlyts can help out in these exceptional cases. More about this in this article: 💸 Why you shouldn't think twice about this expense

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